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Cave dining activities to be suspended from October 2016

With few exception, all dinner-in-the cave activities will be suspended starting from October 1st, according to the regulation of People’s Committee of QuangNinh Province in file 5705/UBND – VX1 and document code 3626/BVHTTDL-DSVH dated 12/9/2016, issued by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The rationale for this suspension is to preserve the originality of Halong's natural heritage as well as lessen human activities and impact on the environment.

As of the moment, the two cruise companies that offer cave dinner in their activity list have sought alternatives as below:

Dragon Pearl Junk will organize BBQ on beach instead of cave dinner for its 3 day 2 night trip


LaFairy Sails will organize dinner on sundeck with live music instead of in the dinning hall.

The decision is effective on 1 October and guests who have booked trip in advance for the months ahead will be notified accordingly.

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