Our Price Guarantee

All of our listed prices come with a Best Price Policy. We have worked with top suppliers in the field to secure you the best price possible - now you can book your dream cruise trip with peace of mind.


What is Best Price Policy

Simply put, Best Price Policy is meant to assure you of our competitive price - so that you can book with confidence. If you see a cruise that you would like to travel on, book it with us for both quality of service and low price. We are confident that we offer the best price you can find online attached with the best value.


Our listed price is per cabin, not per person - so you do not have to double the cost. We also include in our low price a wide range of offers: all meals on board, welcome drinks, transfer service where applicable, tour guides, and especially Free visa service if you need one. Occasionally, we will contact you with surprises: FREE UPGRADE to cruise of higher star ratings or from higher priced rooms on board of the same cruise. And if you can find a lower price online for the same value, we will match that.


Still not convinced? Here's all the reasons why you should book with us.


Terms and Conditions:

If you book a qualifying cruise on our site and find the same cabin type, for the same dates, at a lower price online (rate must be open to all public with no restrictions), we will match that.


When to submit claim?

You can submit claim within 24 hours of booking and expect a feedback within 48 hours. 


How is the refund processed if approved?

If the claim was verified, we will make direct refund by cutting the amount you get to pay us in cash when you arrive in Vietnam or issue a refund via credit card if you have paid full amount. Just email your claim to info@halongbaytours.com with your name and cruise that you booked and evidence that shows a lower price.


General Terms  


  • The Best Price Guarantee applies to the rate for cruise cabins only. Promotional packages, deals and other extra services are not eligible.
  • Blue Dragon Tours reserves the right to deny any claim that does not meet our terms and conditions or provide insufficient information. We will not be responsible for any refund if there is typo mistake in printing, administrative and technological error.
  • Blue Dragon Tours reserves the right to modify or cancel the Best Price Guarantee at any time without prior notice. Any modification will be effective upon posting of modified Best Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions on our Halong Bay Tours Web site. Any cancellation will be effective upon removal of references to the Best Price Guarantee. 


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지역에 대 한 상담. 지식 - 전세계 서비스의 수준.

저희는 고객들을 최대 만족시키기 위해 훌륭한 서비스를 제공해 드리겠습니다. 고객들의 문의를 빠르게 답장하며 항상 친절한 태도와 미소를 환하게 띠는 얼굴로 지원하겠습니다.

  • Dzung Nguyen


  • Duong Trinh

    세일 매니저

  • Quynh Anh

    크루즈 상담원

  • Van Dao

    투어 관리자

  • Nhung Nguyen

    항공권 상담원

  • Andrew Lee

    기차표 상담

  • Van Nguyen

    항공권 상담원

  • Nhung Tran

    행정 겸 비서

  • Ky Nguyen


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