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Visa & Immigration Documents

Most nationalities, excluding those from Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, and some visa-exempted countries require a visa to enter Vietnam.

Document checklist for your cruise trip:

(1) Valid passport
(2) Visa, if applicable (see below for details)
(3) Health certificates or medical notes, if applicable
(4) Cruise booking voucher (for your own reference)

Please note that guests who do not possess the valid documents mentioned above may be denied boarding and risk cancellation of trip without refund. Such documents are also important in case of emergency.

Vietnam Visa:

A visa is not a passport: a passport allows you to travel beyond your home country's border and serves as a form of identity, a visa is a legal document that allows you into a particular countries. If you are from Australia, North America, Europe and some other countries, you can travel to many places without a visa, but Vietnam is not the case.

Who need a visa:

The answer depends on the passport you are holding. Some nationalities are granted entry to Vietnam for a month or less without a visa - the rest must possess a written permit of some form to board the plane and enter the country.

Countries Days
Myanmar, Brunei 14
Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, UK 15
Philippines 21
Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore,Thailand 30

Visa On Arrival

Applying for a Visa on arrival will save you time and in most case money. In fact, obtaining a visa on arrival is increasingly the most popular way to travel to Vietnam.

Blue Dragon Tours is very pleased to arrange a Vietnam Visa on arrival for guests booking cruises to Halong Bay with our company. You will require an Approval Letter to obtain a Vietnam visa upon arrival. This is a letter, approved by Vietnamese Immigration Department, which allows you to enter and remain in Vietnam for a given period. With the Approval Letter, you can obtain a Vietnam visa at three Vietnamese international airports including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city and Da Nang.

Visa type: Tourist Validity: One (1) month (from the date of issue) Number of entries: Single entry

Please Note: For US/American passport holders, visa on arrival is now available for 1 year multiple entry visa only. If you wish to obtain shorter term visas (1 month/3month), it is advised that you contact your local embassy for procedures.


Service fee: (upon request) - FREE of Charge We offer Free visa approval letter for customers who book a tour or overnight cruise with us. Stamping fee: 25 USD - Payable directly in cash at the airport when you arrive in Vietnam.


After receiving your request for a Vietnam visa, we will arrange a pre-approval letter so you can pick up your Vietnam visa on arrival at an International airport in Vietnam. The processing time is 3-5 working days.

When you arrive at the airport, present your passport, the pre-approved letter, 25 USD for stamping fee and two (2) passport photos (4cm x 6cm) to obtain the visa stamp.


* Our Vietnamese visa service is available only for guests booking a cruise with our company.
** This service is available for arrival at one of Vietnam’s international airport as mentioned above. If you come to Vietnam by sea or by road, please contact us for more information.
*** Blue Dragon Tours cannot guarantee you will be granted a Vietnam visa. All visa decisions are made by the Vietnamese Immigration Department. Blue Dragon Tours is not liable, for any reasons whatsoever, for any failure to obtain a Vietnam visa or subsequent consequences resulting from any failure to obtain a Vietnam visa.
**** We reserve the rights to deny to any visa-on-arrival request due to our limitted ability in process visas for certain nationalities only.

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