Viet Hai Village

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Thanks to the unspoiled natural landscape and hospitable locals, Viet Hai Village has attracted an increasing number of both domestic and international tourists every year. If given an opportunity to set foot in the village, travelers will get  unforgettable experiences.

Surrounded by high mountains, thick jungles, and vast ocean, Viet Hai is like an oasis kept separate from the outside world. Belongs to Cat Hai District, Hai Phong City, the village is about 10km from Cat Ba Town as the crow flies. Despite the rapid development of the modern world, Viet Hai people still retain 'primitive' of the ancient. There are two ways to reach Viet Hai Village. The first way is crossing over Lan Ha Bay, which will take around 45 minutes. The second way is more challenging and takes longer time, around 8 hours. Visitors have to walk through the primary forest in the national park and then follow adventurous trails which are teeming with sheer cliffs, deep gorges, and muddy ponds.

Visiting Viet Hai Village, tourists will be surprised at how friendly and kind-hearted villagers are. This is a reason why locals in Viet Hai Village never lock their doors even when they are away from home. In spite of being known as a remote village where the living condition is pretty poor, Viet Hai is a land of joy and happiness. People here seem satisfied with their lives. The sincerity, kindness and optimism of villagers are important factors attracting travelers visiting the village.

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