Ti Top Island

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Located in the central of UNESCO World Heritage, Titov Island (also known as Titop) is approximately 7-8km to the southeast of Halong Bay. Along with Ba Trai Dao Island, TiTov Island is one of the most perfect destinations in Halong Bay for swimming, kayaking, and climbing.

The island was named after the legendary astronaut Gherman Stepanovich Titov who accompanied President Ho Chi Minh to visit this beautiful island in 1962. Having strong impression with this alluring island and hospitable Vietnamese people, Titov left a massage in the souvenir book of Halong Bay Management Board: "My deepest thanks to destiny, which has allowed me to come back to this tiny island". In June 1997, Titov fulfilled his promise. He came back to Vietnam and returned to the island after 35 years.

Apart from the beautiful natural scenery, Titov Island also owns an attracting beach, which has the same name with the island. Although Titov Beach is not spacious, it is pretty quiet and airy. The sandbank here is quite clean because it is frequently washed by the tide flowing in and out continuously. The water is blue and clean all year round. For that reason, some cruises in Halong Bay choose Titov Island as a stopover for its passengers to enjoy recreational activities.

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