Drum Cave

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Thanks to beautiful stalactites, Drum Cave is mainly chosen as a favorable destination to organize cave dinner by a few Halong Bay cruises. According to researchers, Drum Cave is also an archaeological site of Soi Nhu Culture dating back from 7,000 – 18,000 years ago.

An old story has it that once upon a time, there were a beautiful woman and a hard-working fisherman residing in a floating fishing village in Halong Bay and falling in love with each other. Living in extreme poverty, she was forced to marry a rich guy in the village. Because of the deep love with the fisherman, she disapproved and fled to a desert cave. On a rainy and stormy day, the woman was so scared that she was petrified. After receiving the bad news, the fisherman immediately rowed a boat to for the girl. He got lost in another dessert cave which was opposite to the cave that the woman stayed in. From a distance, he could see her. He struck a stone on the cliff to inform her of his appearance but she couldn’t listen anymore. Finally, being exhausted and misery, the man was also petrified.

Nowadays, the cave that the boy was petrified is known as Hon Trong (Drum Cave or Male Cave) while the opposite cave was named Hang Trinh Nu (Virgin Cave or Female Cave). Tourists visiting these caves can still see stone statues of the boy and the girl.

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