Cong Dam Area

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Cong Dam area offers some of the most breathtaking views of Halong Bay, with majestic mountains and glorious beaches and also houses a fishing village with a population of 120.

Having the deep-routed tradition of fishing culture, Cong Dam is a great place for tourists to talk with fishermen and listen to their interesting stories about daily life. Kayaking, boat rowing, and fishing with fishermen are all thrilling experiences that you should not miss when visiting the village.

With karsts formed as long as 340 millions years ago, Cong Dam Area is considered as an ‘outdoor geological museum’. Not only owning beautiful beaches such as Tra Gioi, Cay Bang and Cat Oan, Cong Dam is also the place to discover impressive coral reefs and admire the natural beauty of numerous mountains formed by a stack of huge rock.

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